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ねえ!( ・∇・)

My name is Samuel! Or moreso known as Muffin. I am an artist and writer, and currently hyperfixating on YTTD/KGS, Warrior Cats, and Sparklecare HospitalI make characters, and adoptables sometimes. Mostly active on and Sketchers United, maaaybe Discord at times. Currently trying to learn Japanese, but I'm not fluent so I may mess up or just say random words at times :PFyi/Byi: I act weird. I don't use proper grammar at times, use tone tags, and I'm an idiot. My way of typing may change at times depending on wether I'm serious or notWarnings: Suggestive art, gore, sex jokes/innuendos, swearing, and general dark humor/topics are to be expected from meSuggestive content is posted to Furaffinity, Inkbunny, and Pillowfort only. While some of it is uploaded to Toyhouse, it's auth/lists only

FANDOMS (not in order, there's a lot uh. bolded ones are my current fixations)


  • Bugsnax

  • Does Dabloontok count??

  • Warrior Cats (getting into it)

  • Wings of Fire ^

  • Slime Rancher

  • Pikmin

  • Pokemon (especially Mystery Dungeon)

  • My Singing Monsters (played it back in 2021!)

  • Cookie Run (I... prefer Ovenbreak. fight me)

  • Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

  • Animal Crossing

  • Among Us (real!?!?)

  • Lisa the Painful/Lisa RPG (the fandom kinda scares me tho)

  • ENA (joel g)

  • Object Shows and the OSC in general

  • Roblox? Mostly the separate big hits on the platform or the avatars

  • Tamagotchi (I'm talking about the virtual pets, not the device)

  • Welcome Home

  • Sparklecare Hospital

COMFORTS CHARAS (fandom wise)

Your Turn to Die

  • Gin Ibushi

  • Jou Tazuna

  • Reko Yabusame

  • Tia Safalin

  • Anzu Kinashi

  • Rio Ranger

Cookie Run

  • Mocha Ray Cookie

  • Moon Rabbit Cookie

  • Onion Cookie

  • Pancake Cookie

  • Beet Cookie

  • Poison Mushroom Cookie

  • Chess Choco Cookie

  • Cocoa Cookie

  • Cookiemals

  • Cream Unicorn Cookie

  • Space Doughnut

  • Squid Ink Cookie

  • Strawberry Cookie

  • Sorbet Shark Cookie

Animal Crossing

  • Roald

  • Bob

  • Lucky

  • Stitches

Lisa the Painful

  • Tiger Man

  • Harvey Alibastor

  • Rando

Danganronpa (I'm no longer in the fandom bc of the hate it gets but I still enjoy the game and characters)

  • Chiaki Nanami

  • Celestia Ludenburg

  • Aoi Asahina

  • Chihiro Fujisaki

  • Usami

  • Monodam

  • Himiko Yumeno

  • Shirokuma

  • Grand Bois Chéri Ludenberg

  • Kameko


  • Chandlo Funkbun

  • Filbo Fiddlepie

  • Gramble Gigglefunny

  • Elizabert Megafig


Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

  • Red Guy

  • Yellow Guy

  • Janet


  • Nurse Mood and Nurse Doom

  • Uni Cornelius

  • Jay Fortune

  • Barry Ill

  • Caroline Coughs

  • Dr. Funfetti


Unless I interact first

  • You try to get someone to pick a side and harass them over it (religion, antishipper/proshipper/comship discourse, pro-life/pro-choice/pro-abortion/anit-abortion discourse, politics, stuff like that) If you are related to one of these, do not bring this up to me

  • You're on a lot of blacklists or are considered problematic by the community / have a PSA on you (in the case that it can be easily debunked)

  • Human x anthro and Human x monster, idm monster x anthro though (this is because some people I know are against these kinds of ships, while I have no stance on it I don't want to risk my following)

  • You have me blocked for something that has changed since then, you can contact me on an alt/via a friend for me to unblock you, and I expect the same

No stay away

  • Basic dni criteria

  • If you're that one shitty and toxic fan in a fandom, ANY FANDOM, please. Just leave me alone. I believe everyone has a chance if they're in a fandom that's considered problematic but if you're one of the reasons why it is, gtfo

  • You have uncensored gore, nsfw, and fetish art. TAG. YOUR. FUCKING. SHIT.

  • You don't separate the art from the artist. Please let me enjoy my content in peace I have nothing to do with the creator's action nor do I condone it

  • Minor drawing NSFW/fetish

  • Human x feral and Anthro x feral

SOCIALS (aka I have 2 fucking many, these are the ones I use)

  • (Most active, for adopts, characters, and maybe writing)

  • Sketchers United (Most active, for art and adopts)

  • Wattpad (Sometimes active, for writing tho I usually just read stuff there lmao. warning: dark and suggestive themes in some stories)

  • Artfight (Becoming more active since AF is coming up)

  • Ao3 (Inactive, for writing)

  • Deviantart (Semi-active, I don't post much and just comment)

  • Twitter (Trying to be active thanks to the new update, for art)

  • Tumblr (Trying to be more active, for art and soon to be writing?)

  • Furaffinity (Inactive, for art/writing, warning: suggestive content)

  • Amino (HEAVILY INACTIVE, for adopts and buying comms with AC)

  • Roblox (If you want to play with me)

  • Pinterest (I just use this to organize stuff for my ocs/stories, may upload oc art)

  • Scratch (for art/adopts/trying to make games)

  • Fandom (I post art in the art section of discussions, mostly in the ENA and YTTD wikis)

  • Pillowfort (Trying to be active, for art)

  • Discord: SpoiledRottenMuffin#4385 (Bit active)